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Who we are

We are a property development and investment company duly registered in Nigeria and active in the sector since 2016. Our aim is to provide affordable, adequate and modern houses in a bid to address the housing needs in our country Nigeria.

We hope to continue investing, co-sponsoring and individually sponsor many housing projects around the country, especially in improving access to affordable homes and havens for a happy and successful family life.

Our advisory services come out of a deep experiential knowledge of the sector in our peculiar environment and a wide strength of partnership in all its facets which allows us to turn complex aspects of housing dynamics into simplified solutions and profitable outcomes.

We deliver to the highest standard from concept to completion, through partnership with many leading- and cutting-edge companies who are proven in their crafts without compromise.

Our Misson

To provide a happy and serene family living environment.


Professionalism, Integrity, Excellence, Simplicity.


To simplify and provide access to affordable and adequate home ownership at every level.

“Our business model is based on giving everyone on different lifestyles a home as they imagined, get their dream project done. We have provided projects to high net worth grossing industrialists to ordinary middle-class professionals.”

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